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Biotek EL340 Automatic Microplate Reader
Biotek EL340 Automatic Microplate Reader
Our Price: $195.00

  • BioTek EL340 Automated Microplate Reader

    The BioTek EL340 Automated Microplate Reader is designed to measure optical density of solutions in 96-well microplates. In single wavelengths, the EL340 is capable of automatically reading 96-wells in approximately 5 seconds while in dual wavelengths reads the microplate in approximately 13 seconds.

    - Wavelength range: 340 to 750 nm
    - Selection: Narrowband interference filters:
    - Dimensions (W x H x D): 18" x 7.5" x 15.75" (45.7 x 19 x 40 cm)
    - Weight: 27 lbs (12.3 kg)
  • Powers Up. Sold as seen in pictures. No tests performed on asset.

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Ergonomic Arm Rest for Pipette, Fishing, Jewelers
BenchRest - Lab Ergonomics
Our Price: $210.00

BenchRest - Laboratory Arm Ergonomics for the workbench. more info
Advance Technologies Combi Sealer SP-0669
Combi Thermo Sealer SP-0669/110
Our Price: $290.00

Advanced Technologies Heat Combi Thermo-Sealer Model SP-0669/110

The Waters Heat Sealer is the same as the ABgene AB-0384 and offers a convenient method for heat sealing collection plates made from various types of plastic.The heat sealer provides heat to form a seal between a seal and plate, preventing evaporative loss during exposure to the atmosphere for long term storage.

Product powers on, fully tested.

Model: SP-0669/110

SN: 951/6066

Includes: Power Cord

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Thermo Electron Type 1500 Multiskan Spectrum Microplate Reader
Thermo Electron Type 1500 Multiskan Spectrum Microplate Reader
Our Price: $495.00

- Thermo Electron Multiskan Spectrum
Power Cord
- Manual (pdf version)
- SkanIt software (not included)
- Wavelength selection: Monochromator
- Wavelength range: 200-1000 nm
- Bandwidth: 2 nm
- Wavelength resolution: 1 nm
- Measurement time: 20 seconds for 96 wells and 60 seconds for 384 wells
- Shaking and incubation up to 45C for temperature critical applications
- The Multiskan Spectrum provides several advantages relating mainly to the principle of operation in that it:
- Supports photometric applications requiring measurement in the UV/Vis/NIR wavelength range
- Allows optimization of the measurement wavelengths
- The Multiskan Spectrum is two instruments in one, combining both cuvette reading capabilities and microplate reading in one compact instrument
- Can perform DNA/RNA analysis in microplate format
- Allows use of freely selectable wavelengths and spectral scanning
- Allows optimization of the assays to different plate formats depending on the assay requirements
- Enables direct comparison of microplate and cuvette readings
- Enables incubation of temperature-critical assays
- Allows monitoring of the purity and stability of reagents to ensure product quality
- Enables automation due to robot compatibility
- Is controlled by SkanIt Software 2.4.2 (or greater) that provides features required to make comprehensive calculations and reports
- Allows verifiable performance

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Molecular Devices SpectraMax 250 Microplate Reader
​Molecular Devices SpectraMax 250 Microplate Reader
Our Price: $888.00

Molecular Devices SpectraMax 250 Microplate Reader

Product powers on and works. Includes power cable and a copy of software.

The Molecular Devices SpectraMax 250 Microplate Reader has an optical design that mimics a dual-beam spectrophotometer. Each sample has a discrete sample and reference beam so that each well is measured directly. The eight-channel system consists of 8 sample beams and 8 reference beams, delivering both superior precision and speed of reading across the microplate. The Spectramax 250’s xenon flash lamp and grating monochromator facilitates direct UV measurement of DNA, RNA, and protein in microplates.

  • Wavelength Range: 250 - 850 nm
  • Wavelength Selection Monochromator, tunable 1.0 nm increments
  • Wavelength Bandwidth 2 nm
  • Wavelength Accuracy: < ± 2.0 nm
  • Wavelength Repeatability ± 0.2 nm
  • Photometric Range 0.0 to 4.0 OD
  • Photometric Resolution 0.001 OD
  • Photometric Accuracy < ± 0.006 OD ± 1.0%, 0.0 - 2.0 OD
  • Photometric Precision < ± 0.003 OD ± 1.0%, 0.0 - 2.0 OD
  • Stray Light < 0.05% @ 230 nm
  • Light Source: Xenon flash lamp
  • Endpoint: 12 seconds
  • Kinetic: 9 second minimum interval
  • Temperature Range Ambient + 4 °C up to 45 °C
  • Temperature Uniformity: ± 0.5 °C @ 37 °C

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Biotek ELx405 HTVS Microplate Washer
Biotek ELx405 HTVS Microplate Washer
Our Price: $950.00

Biotek ELx405 HTVS Microplate Washer

Powers on and works. Comes with power cord. Acrylic cover is not included. No tubing and no com cable between pump valve and ELx405. 2 Bottles and rack are included.
  • Vacuum pumps available and sold separately.
  • ELx 405 is compatible with a BioStat system.

The ELx405 HVST is a dedicated 384-well microplate washer that utilizes 192 pairs of aspiration and dispense-tubes to provide rapid and effective aspiration and dispensing of fluid without sacrificing features or performance. Several standard features have been included to make the ELx405 washer robotic-friendly and ideal for automation. Vacuum detection is provided to ensure that the vacuum pump is switched on and vacuum vessels are connected. Flow protection alerts the user to an interruption of flow to the dispensing manifold. Waste-level detection prevents overflow of waste into the vacuum pump.
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