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Sartorious SartoFlow TFF Tangential Flow Filtration System.
Sartorious SartoFlow TFF System

Sartorious SartoFlow Tangential Flow Filtration System.

- In Stock - Call for YOUR DEAL!!!
Watson Marlow 604U Pump
Watson Marlow 604U Pump

Watson Marlow 604U Pump.
Needs new potentiometer. Asset runs at one speed only. Make Offer.
Pall Maxim TFF Benchtop System

Pall Maxim TFF (Tangenal Flow Filtration) System.
- Berkurt EasyFlow 8055 Displays,
- Pall Filtrate Flow Chamber
- Masterflex Pump
- QuattroFlow Fluid System
- Maxim Controll Panel A530/002
- 10 Litre Working Capacity

Call for more information.
Millipore IsoPak 660 Litre Tank
Millipore IsoPak 660 Litre Tank

- Consistent packing and unpacking provide reproducible results
- Easy to maintain
- Scalable
- Year: 2006
- Capacity of Tank: 660 L
- Estimated Shipping Weight: 250 Lbs
- Lenght 45"
- Width 45"
- Height 60"
- Type of Head: Flat
- Type of Bottom: Cone

In Stock.
Please Call for price.
Sartorious Stedim Crossflow Holder Model 17546-002 Sartocon 2Plus
Sartorious Stedim Crossflow Holder

- One Sartocon 2 Plus
- Platform
- Sartorius Sartocon® 2plus Stainless Steel Filter Holder Model 17546---002 in excellent condition. The Sartocon 2Plus stainless steel holder is Optimized for use with up to ten Sartocon or two Sartocube production scale crossflow cassettes (max. 7 m2). It is designed for applications from 30 l to 1000 l volume. Typical applications concentration/diafiltration of proteins, vaccines, oligonucleotides, cell harvesting, and clarification

    Target use:
    – process development
    – preclinical trials
    – clinical trials
    – pilot lots
    - Weight: 110 lbs.

Biostat B Fermentor
Biostat B Fermentor

Biostat Model B Tabletop Fermentor. Now manufactured by Sartorious.

- BioStat B. TableTop Control System (Four Peristatic Pumps for Alkali, Acid, Level Substrat 2, AntiFoam Substrat 1)
- Cole Palmer Masterflex L/S Pump
- Vessel Motor
- Vessel of Choice (1.5 or 4 Litre)
- Probes of Choice
- Various Tubing
- Impeller Paddle
- Power Cords
- 30 Day Warranty
- Contact for additional pictures of information.
Electro-Steam Generator Corporation - Model LB-180
Electro-Steam Generator Corporation - Model LB-180

Electro- Steam Generator Corporation - Boiler
Model: LB-180
S/N: 33271
International Portland Corporation Clean Air Station Model 350 2' x 2'
International Portland Corporation Clean Air Station Model 350 2' x 2'

International Portland Corporation Clean Air Station Model 350 2' x 2'

Clean Air Station
These models provide the user with a class 100 positive pressure environment wherever localized clean air is required.
Typical applications are raw material sampling and aseptic connections for bioreactors and fermenters.
The blower box contains a deep media HEPA filter that meets Federal Standard 209 (0.3 microns @ 99.99% efficiency).
The swivel output head (provides vertical or horizontal airflow), provided with either a 2’ x 2’ or 2’ x 4’ size contains a membrane diffuser to provide uniform airflow and includes a detachable clear vinyl work area curtain that is attached using an airtight method.
O.3 micron HEPA Filter
Class 100 (ISO 14644-1 Class 5) Air
Detachable Vinyl Curtain
Adjustable Air Speed
Adjustable Height and Swivel Output Head
95% Efficient Bag Pre-filter
Convertible 2’ x 2’ or 2’ x 4’ Output Head
Viking S2L Industrial Pump
Viking S2L Pump

Viking S2L Industrial Pump
AC Tech M1230E Intelegent Drive 3Hp.
As shown in Pictures.
Hanil J-1250 Continuous Flow Centrifuge
Hanil J-1250 Continuous Flow Centrifuge

The Hanil J-1250 High Speed Continuous Flow Centrifuge. Unique design with front door for easy rotor access.
High-speed tubular centrifuges are used mainly for separating solid components from fermenter suspensions. But this type of centrifuge can also be used to separate two liquids and remove a solid at the same time. The liquid is fed into the rotor from below while the centrifuge is running. The suspension components are stratified by density in the rotor. The liquid(s) is or are discharged continuously via the run-off tray. The solid remains in the rotor.
* Bowl Capacity: 9 Litres
* Max. RPM: 15,000rpm
* Max RCF: 15,800xg
* Max Capacity: 2,200L/H
* Motor: 3.7 Kw
* Display: Digital LCD
* DIMS: 500(W) x 845(D) x 1,550(H)/mm
* Weight: 600 Kg

This asset is currently installed on the East Coast USA.
Service Agreement Eligible.