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CEPA LE Centrifuge - Carl Padberg

System Includes:
  • Fully Refurbished CEPA LE
  • Balanced bowl rotor
  • Spindle balanced & checked
  • New belts
  • Replaced bearings when needed
  • Painted when needed.
  • Bowl Rotor/Vessel/Upper & Lower Tray
  • Tool Kit
  • User Manual
  • 110Volt Power Cable
  • Analog Dial Control
  • Installation available for additional cost in North America.
  • Warranty Coverage available.
Pall Maxim TFF Benchtop System
Pall Maxim TFF Benchtop System

Pall Maxim TFF (Tangenal Flow Filtration) System.
- Berkurt EasyFlow 8055 Displays,
- Pall Filtrate Flow Chamber
- Masterflex Pump
- QuattroFlow Fluid System
- Maxim Controll Panel A530/002
- 10 Litre Working Capacity

Call for more information.
Hanil J-1250 Continuous Flow Centrifuge
Hanil J-1250 Continuous Flow Centrifuge

The Hanil J-1250 High Speed Continuous Flow Centrifuge. Unique design with front door for easy rotor access.
High-speed tubular centrifuges are used mainly for separating solid components from fermenter suspensions. But this type of centrifuge can also be used to separate two liquids and remove a solid at the same time. The liquid is fed into the rotor from below while the centrifuge is running. The suspension components are stratified by density in the rotor. The liquid(s) is or are discharged continuously via the run-off tray. The solid remains in the rotor.
* Bowl Capacity: 9 Litres
* Max. RPM: 15,000rpm
* Max RCF: 15,800xg
* Max Capacity: 2,200L/H
* Motor: 3.7 Kw
* Display: Digital LCD
* DIMS: 500(W) x 845(D) x 1,550(H)/mm
* Weight: 600 Kg

This asset is currently installed on the East Coast USA.
Service Agreement Eligible.
Miele Professional Model G 7893 Laboratory Washer-Disinfector
Miele Professional Model G 7893 Laboratory Washer-Disinfector

  • The G 7893 washer-disinfector is a 60 cm wide washer-disinfector, featuring integrated fan-assisted drying and a solution for laboratories where space is at a premium.

    The G 7893 is a freestanding unit but it can also be installed under a countertop. It uses Miele’s ‘Drying Plus’ hot-air drying system to dry items inside and out as dry air is injected into bottles, measuring flasks, cylinders and pipettes through injector nozzles.

    An integrated HEPA filter guarantees the purity of the air used for drying and the Multitronic Novo Plus controls, which offer a precise and safe man-machine interface and also monitor key process parameters.

    For specific temperature requirements, various programming options allow process parameters to be modified. Two separate sensors, which provide redundant monitoring, ensure that the temperatures required by the user are achieved.

    Both powder and liquid detergents can be used in this machine; a dispenser module including a pump is optionally available for liquid dispensing. This system works fully automatically and ensures that the correct amounts of process chemicals are dispensed.

  • Intended Labware:

    • Glassware, such as beakers, round-bottomed flasks, Erlenmeyer flasks, bottles, test tubes, separatory funnels,
    • Measuring vessels, such as graduated flasks, graduated cylinders, pipettes. Dishes, such as Petri dishes, watch glasses, mortars. Hardware, such as stoppers, spatulas and stirrers.
    This Glass Washer was upgraded for cleaning of oils from glassware. Heavy duty unit. Oil filter canister available upon request.