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Tecan Freedom EVO-2 100 Robotic Liquid Handler
Tecan Freedom EVO-2 Robotic Liquid Handler

Tecan Freedon EVO-2 Model 100 Robotic Liquid Handler

Condition: Excellent. Lightly used. Manufactured in 2014 Used only a few times before De-Commissioning.


  • CM Freedom EVO-2
  • ARM LIHA First 4-Channel
  • Tip 96 Well Lock Nut
  • Tube Pipetting FEP M6
  • Tube Interconnecting M6 650mm
  • Syringe 1.0ml
  • FWO 4/8 Tip SPO
  • Washstation Genisis 8+ 8POS Width
  • Acrylic Glass Cover
  • Loaded Software EVOware 2.7 Standard
  • HP Computer, CD's, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse
  • Tecan Computer Dongle
  • Power & Communication Cables
EVO-2 crating for shipping available.
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Agilent Velocity 11 Bravo Automated Liquid Handling Platform
Agilent Velocity 11 Bravo

Agilent Velocity 11 Bravo Automated Liquid Handling Platform
  • Bravo Platform Model 16050.120
  • Serial Number: 43.00197.1302
  • IBM computer with preloaded Velocity 11 Bravo VWorks Software
  • Computer to Bravo communications cables
  • 110v Power cables for Bravo and PC
  • 96LT included
  • 384ST sold separately

Asset is in running condition as seen in pictures. Currently released from a Biotech company. No further testing has been performed on this asset.

Packaging and Crating available.
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Inheco TEC Control 96 / RS485 with CPAC-Ultra Flat
Inheco TEC Control 96 with CPAC-Ultra Flat 96
Our Price: $449.00

Inheco TEC Control 96 with CPAC-Ultra Flat 96
Part Number:

- Output: 12Vdc ± 20% 8 A
- Input: 100-230V 50/60 Hz
- Controller type: PID
- Accuracy: ±0,5ºC
- Ambient temperature at max. power: 0 - 30 ºC

Inheco CPAC-Ultra Flat 64,
Part Number: 7000090

110V power Cable

Sold as seen in pictures. Unit heats. No further testing has been done.
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