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Agilent 6410A Triple Quadrapole MS with 1200 Series Liquid Chromatography System
Agilent 6410 Triple Quad LC MS

  • Agilent 6410A Triple Quadrapole with 1200 Series Liquid Chromatography System and Computer.
  • System Includes:
  • Agilent G6410A Triple Quadrapole Mass Spectrometer s/n: US71810384
  • Agilent MultiMode ESI/APCI Source G1978A/B
  • Agilent API-Electrospray Source G1948A/B
  • Agilent 1200 Series LC System that includes:
  • G1316A -Thermostatted Column Compartment,
  • G1367B - HiP ALS Autosampler,
  • G1312A - Binary Pump,
  • G1379B - Degasser
  • Dell Computer with Windows Software, Monitor, Mounse, Keyboard
  • Agilent MassHunter Software loaded on Compute with CD's and Manuals.
  • Parker Balston NitroFlow Laboratory Nitrogen Generator and reservoir tank.
  • Edwards Vacuum Pump for MS.
  • Please call for any further information.
  • Make Your Day Great!!!