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Mettler Toledo C30 Volumetric Karl Fisher Titrator
Mettler Toledo C30 Volumetric Karl Fisher Titrator

Karl Fischer titration is the specific standard method for the determination of water content and gives accurate and precise results within minutes.
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Metrohm 795 KFT Titrino Unit, 795 Keypad, 703 TI Stand
Metrohm 795 KFT Titrino System
Our Price: $875.00

Metrohm 795 KFT Titrino System

Includes the following:
* 795 KFT Titrino Unit, Type: 1.795.0010 Serial Number: 03200
* 795 Keypad
* 703 Ti Stand
- Probe and cables included but not tested.
- 110 volt power cable
- No bottles or tubing included.
- Plastic cup and magnet not included. For demonstration only.

Asset powers up as shown in pictures. No testing has been performed by our company.

Made in Switzerland

Product powers on and was acquired from a working laboratory. No further testing by our company has been done.

Manufacturer's Note: The 795 KFT Titrino is a fast and precise Titrator for the water determination according to Karl Fischer. The 795 KFT Titrino is equipped with a LCD graphical display on which titration curves can be observed in real-time. Ready-to-start methods for the most common applications are stored in the internal method memory. The operator is free to modify and overwrite these methods or to create and store thier own titration sequences. Data exchange with a PC is possible with the Metrodata VESUV Software and with Metrodata TiNet Software complete remote control, data acquisition and evaluation via PC is enabled.
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