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M&O Perry P1510 Capping Machine Lab Crafters Open Bypass Dual Sash 6ft. Benchtop Chemical Fume Hood Nor-Lake Scientific Chromatography Refrigerator, Model NSCR331WWG/0
M&O Perry Model P1510 Vial Filling Machine

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Asset is located in the Frederick Maryland Facility.
Lab Crafters Open Bypass Dual Sash 6ft. Benchtop Chemical Fume Hood Pacakge.

Model HBASC6 Air Sentry

Item: 6738
Nor-Lake Scientific Chromatography Refrigerator
Model NSCR331WWG/0
- 33 Cubic Feet
- Excellent Condition
- Three Shelves
- Priced New at $8,500.
Sartorious SartoFlow TFF Tangential Flow Filtration System. Waters Photo Diode Array Detector
Waters HPLC 996 PDA
Sale Price: $1,250.00
Sartorious SartoFlow Tangential Flow Filtration System. Watson Marlow 604U Pump Waters 996 PDA
- Photo Diode Array Detector
- Serial Number: H99996586M

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VWR 1535 Incubator

Our Price: $999.00
S.A.M. VWR 1535 Incubator
The VWR 1535 warm air incubator provides quick temperature recovery, full-length inner glass door for viewing specimens without disturbing the chamber atmosphere. Microprocessor controlled for easy keypad set and calibration. Temperature display may be calibrated to match a secondary thermometer. For over-temperature protection, a second, independent safety controller can be preset and has visual alarm when activated. Features through-wall access port for chart recorder. All of our equipment is fully tested before being shipped.

  • Chamber Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 20 in
  • Chamber Capacity: 6.7 cu ft
  • Line Voltage: 120 VAC Only
  • Stainless Steel Interior and Shelves
  • Temperature Range: Ampient +5C to 70C
  • Temperature Stability: ±0.1C

New Products

Sale Price: $149.50 BenchRest, the first ergonomic armrest for the laboratory.