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BenchRest  BenchRestSAM.jpg (496489 bytes)  BenchRest SAM2.jpg (517668 bytes) $Contact

New Canada and United States of America Exclusive Distributor for the Hanil Continuous Flow Centrifuge Hanil J1250 SAM.jpg (90292 bytes) HanilJ1250 alone SAM.jpg (88064 bytes)  $Contact

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Biotechnology: $Contact
Applied BioSystems 433A Model 433A peptide synthesizer, Warranty, Installation ABI433A.JPG (291575 bytes)
Applied BioSystems 3730xl Synthesizer 3730XL, 3730 Software included, Computer. - As-Is to Completely Refurbished, Warranty, Installation. 48 & 96 Capillaries. 3730XLblockSAM.jpg (1511609 bytes)  
Bertin Precellys Bead Beater 24 & Dual models, Homogenizer, Lyse, Bead Disruption, etc.   IMG_1435.JPG (34335 bytes)
Bio-Rad MJ Research PTC-200 30/30, 60, 96 & 384 Alpha's, Completely Refurbished, Warranty PTC-200Front.jpg (345745 bytes)
Bio-Rad MJ Research PTC-240 96 well Alpha's, Completly Refurbished, Warranty Tetrad PTC 240 SAM.jpg (583333 bytes)
GE HealthCare Biacore T100 Model T100 Protein Instrument - Surface Plasmon Resonance BiaCore T100-2.JPG (243855 bytes) BiaCore T100-side.JPG (184566 bytes)
GE HealthCare Biacore 3000 Model 3000 Instrument - for label free studies of biomolecular binding Biacore_3000 SAM.jpg (735029 bytes)
Life Technologies PRISM RT-PCR  7000, 5700, 7500, 7300, 7700, 7900HT w/ Software, Quantitative Real Time PCR  ABI7900HT.JPG (328322 bytes) ABI7000Lap.JPG (321640 bytes)
Life Technologies  394,  3400, 3700 Oligosynthisizer ABI - DNA/ RNA Workhorse's, Trityl Option, Fully Refurbished, Warranted ABI 3400.JPG (121955 bytes) ABI 394.jpg (33293 bytes)  ABI 3400.JPG (121955 bytes) 394 Refurb.jpg (74531 bytes)
Life Technologies Genetic Analyzer 3130xl ABI 3130XL , Software included, Computer. Warranty, Installation. 16 Capillaries. As-Is to Completely Refurbished, 4 to 16 Capillaries.   ABI3130.jpg (31191 bytes) ABI3130Open.jpg (27065 bytes) ABI3130Computer.jpg (39198 bytes)
Life Technologies Genetic Analyzer 310 ABI 310, Completely Refurbished, Warranty, Installation. 1 Capillary. 310image.jpg (21219 bytes) 310open.jpg (320121 bytes) ABI 310 ope.JPG (277945 bytes)
Life Technologies PRISM GeneAmps 9700 ABI 9700 PCR Thermal Cycler, various blocks, 96 Gold, 96 Silver, Dual 384 ABI970008.JPG (284877 bytes) 9700 384block.jpg (313551 bytes) 
Luminex 200 NEW - NEVER USED XYP, Software, Computer, Solvent Delivery Module. NEW - NEVER USED IMG_3515.JPG (40709 bytes) IMG_3517.JPG (41394 bytes)
Chromatography: HPLC, FPLC, UPLC, GC, CE, MS        $Contact    Home- Top Of Page
What Accessories, Software's, etc. do you need?
Agilent 1100 HPLC Systems 1100 Completely Refurbished 1100System.jpg (63473 bytes) IMG_4862.JPG (524743 bytes) Agilent 1100.JPG (133330 bytes)
Agilent 1200 HPLC System 1200 Complete system IMG_4857.JPG (447423 bytes) 1200 HPLC.jpeg (229041 bytes)
Agilent 7890A Dual Split/Splitless, XSD, FID, Single gas sampling valve Agilent7890 SAM6.jpg (550139 bytes) Agilent7890 SAM8.jpg (853103 bytes) Agilent7890 SAM9.jpg (832510 bytes)
Agilent 6890 5973 MSD Dual Split/Splitless, NPD, FID, NIST Library Revision 2008, Environmental Chemstation/MSD Agilent6890 MSD SAM1.jpg (687254 bytes) Agilent6890 MSD SAM3.jpg (908627 bytes) Agilent6890 SAM.jpg (643640 bytes)
Agilent  6890 GC  FID, ECD, NDP, Split/Split Less, EPC, Autosampler, Software, Computer Configurations, Warranty GC76890Plus.JPG (295564 bytes) 
Agilent  6890N GC  Complete system, autosampler, FID, Split, Computer, Chemstation IMG_4858.JPG (448667 bytes) IMG_4859.JPG (648704 bytes)
Applied BioSystems SCIEX 4000, 3000 MASS SPECTROMETER API 4000, API 3000, API 365 API4000NCApl08.JPG (321454 bytes) MDS4000QTrap.jpg (48983 bytes) MDS4000QTrap5.jpg (54052 bytes)
Applied BioSystems Voyager DE, DE-Pro - Fully Refurbished, Installation and Warranties Available - Call
API 3000, 3200, 4000, 5500 call for current inventory
Beckman-Coulter CEQ8000 Capillary Electrophoresis, with Software IMG_5769.JPG (204709 bytes) IMG_5770.JPG (156771 bytes)
CEM MARS MARS Reaction System, Model 907501 IMG_7149.JPG (748900 bytes)
Dionex ICS-3000 ICS-3000, ICS3000, IC3000 System.  Includes:  ICS-3000 Pump, detector, ICS PDA, AS-50 ICS Autosampler, Computer, Chromeleon V.6.80 Dionex IC-3000 SAM.jpg (711379 bytes) Dionex IC-3000 SAM2.jpg (685558 bytes) Dionex IC-3000 SAM3.jpg (739935 bytes)
Finnigan LCQ MASS SPECTROMETER LCQ, LCQ-Duo FinniganLCQ.JPG (486175 bytes)
GE HealthCare AKTA FPLC P-920, UPC-900, M-925, CU-950, Inv-907, PV-908, PV-908, FRAC-950, Computer, Unicorn 5.1 IMG_3504.JPG (50049 bytes) IMG_3501.JPG (59507 bytes)
GE HealthCare AKTA Explorer 10, 100, 100A complete with software AKTAExplorer2 SAM.jpg (40043 bytes) AKTAExplorer3 SAM.jpg (36475 bytes) AKTAExplorer5 SAM.jpg (50080 bytes)
GE HealthCare AMERSHAM AKTA FPLC P-920, UPC-900, M-925, CU-950, Inv-907, PV-908, PV-908, FRAC-950, Computer AKTA FPLC.JPG (54139 bytes)
GE HealthCare AKTA Purifier Purifier 10, Unicorn 5.11 IMG_2893.JPG (55901 bytes) IMG_2895.JPG (67111 bytes) IMG_2894.JPG (55430 bytes)
GE HealthCare AKTA Prime Prime V2.02, PrimeView 1.00 IMG_3210.JPG (47134 bytes) IMG_3212.JPG (49595 bytes) IMG_3217.JPG (48999 bytes)
GE HealthCare AKTA Pilot 10 & 100 complete with software AKTA Pilot.jpg (86026 bytes)
GE HealthCare AKTA OligoPilot OligoPilot Plus 100 &10 OligoPilotplusSAM.jpg (1053709 bytes)
GE HealthCare AKTA Cross Flow CrossFlow with computer and software IMG_5764.JPG (323468 bytes) IMG_5765.JPG (300484 bytes) IMG_5766.JPG (339466 bytes)
GE Healthcare AKTA  AKTA Prime, AKTA Purifier, AKTA Pilot, AKTA Explorer,AKTA  Oligo, AKTA OligoPilot, AKTA Process,  AKTA Crossflow, FPLC,  AKTA Exp100.jpg (60588 bytes) AKTAPurifier.jpg (144438 bytes) AKTAPrime.JPG (462845 bytes) AKTA Pilot.jpg (86026 bytes)
Hewlett Packard 5890 GC Series II Made to your specifications - What detectors do you want? FID, ECD, NDP, etc. "As-Is" or Fully Refurbished HP5890seriesII.jpg (8347 bytes) 5890IIJan14.JPG (40311 bytes) 5890IIJan142.JPG (56827 bytes)
MDS Sciex Q-Trap Mass Spec Excellent condition, with LC, PC, software, etc. QTrap.JPG (42632 bytes) QTrapSource4.JPG (48103 bytes) QTrap8source.JPG (45949 bytes)
Millipore IsoPak IPP800 Chromatography Column, Catalog Number: 98401321, IPP800 x 500 x 500 COL IMG_7685.JPG (105108 bytes) IMG_7682.JPG (78181 bytes) IMG_7684.JPG (115749 bytes)
Millipore IsoPak STS 1 STS-1 Chromatography System Controller IMG_7705.JPG (103617 bytes) IMG_7706.JPG (68727 bytes) IMG_7707.JPG (109351 bytes)
Millipore Alliance 2996 PDA Photo Diode Array Detector 2996 PAD 2695 DAD SAM.jpg (358272 bytes) 2695 DAD SAM Status.jpg (578698 bytes) 2695 DAD OPEN SAM 2.jpg (442659 bytes)
Millipore Alliance 2690, Waters UV, 996 PDA, Millennium 32 Data, Completely Refurbished Millipore2690.JPG (335282 bytes)
Pharmacia BPG Column BPG Columns - Many to choose from IMG_7531.JPG (915049 bytes) IMG_7537.JPG (784682 bytes) IMG_7527.JPG (851357 bytes) IMG_7605.JPG (976873 bytes) IMG_7613.JPG (864857 bytes)
Shimadzu 2014 GC Split/splitless with Gas Valve, FID, FPD, GC Solution V.2.31.00 Shimadzu GC2014SAM.jpg (553135 bytes) Shimadzu GC2014SAM2.jpg (728629 bytes)
Shmadzu HPLC  Components, LC-10AS, CDC-10Avp, SPD M6A, CTO 10Avp, SIL, etc. ShimadzuLC.JPG (41926 bytes) IMG_5820.JPG (304632 bytes) IMG_5821.JPG (307468 bytes) IMG_5824.JPG (227966 bytes) IMG_5830.JPG (187544 bytes)
Thermo Mass Spec LCQ Mass Spectrometer IMG_4851.JPG (393886 bytes)
ThermoFisher TSQ Quantum Ultra LC/MS/MS package, Pumps, computer, etc.  instruments 008.jpg (115544 bytes) instruments 007.jpg (100533 bytes) instruments 009.jpg (115073 bytes)
Thermo Q-ToF-2 Mass Spectrometer - complete Q-ToF-2 Feb12.jpg (1992556 bytes)
Thermo Finnigan Surveyor  Surveyor System, LCQ-Duo package FinniganLCQ.JPG (486175 bytes) Thermo Finnegan TSQ Quantum.JPG (491587 bytes)
Thermo Finnigan Polaris Q Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer Detector PolarisQ SAM6.jpg (380773 bytes) PolarisQ SAM 3.jpg (382952 bytes) IMG_6616.JPG (529478 bytes)
Waters HPLC Various Components - Please Call IMG_1460.JPG (47284 bytes) IMG_4863.JPG (440888 bytes)
Miscellaneous: Misc.& Too hard to classify   -  $Contact         Home - Top Of Page
Amersham Biosciences BPG COlumns - various sizes IMG_7524.JPG (982567 bytes)
Adolf Kuhner Incubator Model ISF-1-W Dual Stacked Shaking Incubator - Plant Cell Culture - C, r.H., min-1 IMG_5499.JPG (169708 bytes) IMG_5500.JPG (186087 bytes) 
BenchRest / Pipetting Ergonomic Arm BenchRest for Pipetting. Supports Arm from fatigue and "Pipetting Elbow" BenchRestSAM.jpg (496489 bytes) BenchRest SAM2.jpg (517668 bytes)
Baxter / Scientific Products Drying Oven Model DX-31 IMG_2209.JPG (29852 bytes)
Bertin Precellys 24 Bead Beater Homogenizing & Lysing of almost any sample - This is NOT a Centrifuge, P24 24 place, Dual and Cryolis cooler Precellys24.JPG (36611 bytes) Precellys24Sept08.JPG (389861 bytes)
Caliper TurboVap  Zymark TurboVap 96, II, LV, 500 Models  Zymark TurboVapLVSAM.jpg (300207 bytes) Zymark TurboVapLVSerialNumberSAM.jpg (296010 bytes)
Chest Freezer -20, -80, -86, -150 Thermo, Harris, Revco, VWR, Queue, So-Low, Sanyo
C-Flex by CPT Advanced Asceptic Welding Device IMG_8345.JPG (83051 bytes)
Eppendorf / New Brunswick Scientific Excella E24R Benchtop Gyrotory Incubator Shaker, Universal Platform - NEW NBS E24.JPG (237452 bytes)
Eppendorf / New Brunswick Scientific Innova 42 Gyrotory Incubator - Floor Model, Stackable IMG_5153.JPG (220164 bytes)
Eppendorf / New Brunswick Scientific 4230 Benchtop Gyrotory Incubator Shaker Innova4230.jpg (7731 bytes)
Forma Orbital Shaker Model 420 Forma 420 Shaker July 10.jpg (544469 bytes)
Incubator, CO2, etc. VWR, Fisher, LabLine, NuAire 3110, Nu-Aire TS AutoFlow, Forma, Too Many to List please ask for up to date inventory NuAireTSAutoflow.JPG (320413 bytes) NuAireCO2.JPG (77799 bytes) NuAireCO2open.JPG (70969 bytes) Forma3110.JPG (77684 bytes) Forma3110Open.JPG (68806 bytes) Forma 3110.JPG (35024 bytes) Forma3110Open.JPG (41689 bytes) Thermo 3110 Single.JPG (158913 bytes)
Liquid Nitrogen Freezers Cyrogenic Freezers - Thermo, Sanyo, Harris, Revco, etc.
M & O Perry Industries P-1510 Compact Liquid Filling Machine for Fill, Stopper, Cap M&OPerryP1510Side2 SAM.jpg (98873 bytes) M&OPerryP1510Side3 SAM.jpg (92412 bytes) M&OPerryP1510parts1 SAM.jpg (94010 bytes)
New Brunswick Scientific 4300 Floor Gyrotory Incubator Shaker - 4320, 4330, 4340 Innova4300.jpg (3076 bytes) NBS 4300.JPG (140225 bytes) NBS 4300 Inside.JPG (240385 bytes)
New Brunswick Scientific G25 Floor Gyrotory Incubator Shaker - Various Platforms  NBSG25.jpg (7354 bytes) NBS G25.JPG (48184 bytes)
Lancer Type 1300 UP Washer Glass, Laboratory Washer, 208V Mono IMG_5889.JPG (248017 bytes) IMG_5890.JPG (336535 bytes)
Lancer Type 1400 UP Washer Glass, Laboratory Washer, 208V Mono
Millipore Labscale TFF Labscale Tangential Flow Filtration System - Benchtop IMG_7966.JPG (70235 bytes) IMG_7970.JPG (83599 bytes)
Nikon Eclipse E400 With Y-THS dual view attachment  Nikon E400 Dual SAM.jpg (366660 bytes)
Nikon SMZ-1T Stereo Binocular w/NCL Light Source NikonSMZ2tBinoc.JPG (418077 bytes)
Nikon Alphaphot 2 YS2-T Microscope
Pall Filtron LV Centramate TFF - Tangential Flow Filtration System - Benchtop  IMG_7960.JPG (75955 bytes) IMG_7965.JPG (85081 bytes) IMG_7971.JPG (75732 bytes)
Pope Scientific, Inc. Pressure vessel - Metal Gas Column s/n 28083 IMG_8359.JPG (98551 bytes)
Sanovo Innoculator Sanovo Technology Group Semi-Automatic Innoculator - Rame-Hart
Sanovo Decapper Sanovo Technology Group Semi-Automatic Decapper - Rame-Hart Egg Decapper SAM.jpg (92493 bytes) Egg Decapper 2 SAM.jpg (82757 bytes)
Sanovo Harvestor Sanovo Technology Group Semi-Automatic Harvestor - Rame-Hart EggHarvester SAM.jpg (93436 bytes) EggHarvester2 SAM.jpg (85532 bytes)
Sartorious SARTOflow CrossFlow System with Holder - TFF - Tangenial Flow Filtration System - Large Scale Ask for Pictures
Sartorious CrossFlow SartoFlow CrossFlow System with Holder - TFF - Tangenial Flow Filtration System - Large Scale Ask for Pictures
Thermo Savant SpeedVac Various components - Call or email
Thermo MAXQ 7000 Thermo Barnstead MAXQ 7000 benchtop water bath /  shaker - SHKE7000 IMG_8370.JPG (100034 bytes) IMG_8379.JPG (85951 bytes)
Thermco Gas Mixer  Model 85150Ai37 for Oxygen, Air IMG_5777.JPG (249379 bytes) IMG_5779.JPG (179704 bytes) IMG_5782.JPG (160765 bytes)
Upright Freezer -20, -80, -86 Thermo, Harris, Revco, Sanyo, etc. Please ask for up to date inventory. Harris-85.JPG (287416 bytes) ThermoForma-86mod907.JPG (313356 bytes)
VWR Scientific Dual Stack Incubator Model 1545, S/N: 05052406 T&B, 110 Volt IMG_5884.JPG (137638 bytes) IMG_5885.JPG (247758 bytes) IMG_5886.JPG (270458 bytes)
VWR 1927 Incubator Sheldon Model 1927 - High Capacity IMG_7559.JPG (652642 bytes) IMG_7560.JPG (690218 bytes) IMG_7566.JPG (818222 bytes)
Yamato DKN402C Convection Oven - NEW/Warranty DKN-402C 3.2 Cubic Foot (115V) 450x450x450mm Interior DIMS IMG_6953.JPG (692965 bytes) IMG_6954.JPG (789398 bytes)
Yamato DKN602C Convection Oven - NEW/Warranty DKN-602C 5.3 Cubic Foot (115V) 600x500x500mm Interior DIMS
Yamato IC603C Incubator - NEW/Warranty IC-603C 5.3 Cubic Foot (115V) 600x530x500mm Interior DIMS
Yamato SK100C Sterilizer - NEW/Warranty SK-100C 18 Litre (115V) 50 to 126deg C IMG_8385.JPG (72236 bytes)  
Fermentor, BioReactor, Cell Culture: TableTop Floor Models   - $Contact           Home - Top Of Page
New Brunswick Scientific BioFlo NBS BioFlo 3000, 5000, 8000, 110, 410, Various Litre Vessels (Now Eppendorf) IMG_2882.JPG (57561 bytes) IMG_2970.JPG (32756 bytes) IMG_2880.JPG (48459 bytes) NBS Bioflo 110.jpg (32172 bytes)
New Brunswick Scientific BioFlo NBS BioFlo 150, BioFlo 250, BioFlo 500, IF-150, Pro, Complete, refurbished, installation available. Service Contracts (Now Eppendorf)  IF150Jan07SAM2.JPG (320599 bytes) IF150Jan07SAM.JPG (326906 bytes) NBS BioFloPro IF-150.jpg (75205 bytes) NBS IF150 Fermentor.jpg (143616 bytes)
New Brunswick Scientific BioFlo NBS MPP-40, NBS MPP-80, NBS AutoPilot Pro & More, Complete, refurbished, installation. Service Contracts (Now Eppendorf) NBSMPP-40.jpg (13613 bytes)
New Brunswick Scientific Celligen Plus / Eppendorff Celligen Plus For Cell Culture. Many vessels available to choose from IMG_7744.JPG (110366 bytes) IMG_7750.JPG (73297 bytes)
New Brunswick Scientific Service Complete in house or Depot Service USA & Canada - all models - please call 908-604-1417 or email $Contact   
Sartorious / B. Braun Biostat 32 Litre/22L Working Biostat C Model fermentor with vessel - complete IMG_5750.JPG (340336 bytes) biostat C2.jpg (2465967 bytes) BioStat 32L Vessel SAM.jpg (368124 bytes) Biostst C SAM.jpg (353175 bytes)
Robotics/Liquid Handlers: Systems, Components  -   $Contact   Home - Top Of Page
Beckman-Coulter FX, NX, MultiMek Single 96, 384, Dual 96, Span-8, Complete Biomek FX Dual  Arm.JPG (2070620 bytes)
Beckman-Coulter Biomek FX Single & Dual Arm, Complete BiomekFX.JPG (167884 bytes)
Bio-Tek ELx405 Select Series Automated Microplate Washer for 96 & 384 Well Washing BiotekELx405cwSAM.jpg (277821 bytes) BiotekELx405cwManifoldSAM.jpg (269488 bytes) BiotekELx405uSAM.jpg (266145 bytes)
Hamilton MicroLab STAR 8 Used Once, Still in crate, includes BioHazard Hood, STAR-8 HamiltonStarSAM5.jpg (572070 bytes) HamiltonStarSAM2.jpg (623385 bytes) HamiltonStarSAM4.jpg (549012 bytes) HamiltonStarSAM7.jpg (844184 bytes) HamiltonStarSAM6.jpg (654549 bytes)
LabLine Plate Shaker 4625 MicroTiter Plate Shaker Model 4625 LabLineTiterplate.JPG (321123 bytes) LabLineShaker4625.jpg (47571 bytes)
Labsystems Multidrop  96/384 plates, 15mm height, Type 832 Multidrop2SAM.jpg (283828 bytes) MultidropSAM.jpg (264840 bytes)
Thermo LabSystems  MultiSkan Ascent 96- and 384-well plates, Complete LabsysMultiAscent.JPG (289901 bytes)
Spectroscopy: UV, UV/Vis, Luminometer, Flourimeter, NIR, FTIR  $Contact  Home - Top Of Page
What Accessories, Software's, etc. do you need?
Beckman-Coulter DU520, DU530, DU720  Single Cell Holder, Completely Refurbished BeckmanDU530.JPG (320930 bytes) BeckmanDU530Scan.JPG (289778 bytes) BeckmanDU530Cell.JPG (315715 bytes)
Beckman-Coulter DU-600, DU640B, DU640, DU800  Series Single Beam, Sipper, Monitor, Software DU640B.jpg (63281 bytes) BIIDU640.JPG (307757 bytes)
Biotek Synergy 2, II Model SFD - Standard, Fluorescence, Dual Reagent Dispenser, GEN5 v1.04.5 IMG_2317.JPG (334692 bytes) IMG_2323.JPG (443080 bytes) IMG_2318.JPG (457126 bytes)
Labsystems Fluoroskan II Fluorescent MicroPlate Reader 371 IMG_5853.JPG (130453 bytes) IMG_5854.JPG (157650 bytes) IMG_5856.JPG (223866 bytes)
Molecular Devices VERSAmax Microtiter Plate Reader (340 - 850nm), Warranty VersaMax2.JPG (1094334 bytes)
Molecular Devices SPECTRAmax Plus, 384 Microtiter Plate Reader (190 - 1000nm), Warranty MD384Frontopen.jpg (322368 bytes) SpectraMaxPlus.jpg (1254476 bytes) MD384Display.jpg (329333 bytes)
Molecular Devices SPECTRAmax 190 Microtiter Plate Reader (190 - 850nm), Warranty MD190three.JPG (311826 bytes) SAM SMAX 190.JPG (554132 bytes) IMG_7697.JPG (63798 bytes)
Molecular Devices SPECTRAmax 340PC Microtiter Plate Reader (340 - 850nm), Warranty MD340two.JPG (316894 bytes)
Molecular Devices SPECTRAmax M2 Microtiter Plate Reader (200 -1000nm), Warranty
Molecular Devices SPECTRAmax GEMINI EM, XS, XPS Microtiter Plate Reader (250 - 850nm), Warranty MD Gemini.jpg (65003 bytes) MD Gemini.jpg (65042 bytes)
Shimadzu AA-6300 Spectrophotometer WiZAArd Version 4.10, AutoSampler, Graphite Furnace ShimadzuAA SAM.jpg (641019 bytes) ShimadzuAA SAM2.jpg (695836 bytes) ShimadzuAA SAM3.jpg (621079 bytes)
Thermo Genesys 20 Single Cell  IMG_7636.JPG (929712 bytes) IMG_7641.JPG (584759 bytes)
Thermo Spectronic Genesys 5 Single Cell with Sipper IMG_7501.JPG (797267 bytes) IMG_7502.JPG (1036112 bytes) IMG_7504.JPG (664022 bytes) IMG_7505.JPG (713906 bytes) IMG_7507.JPG (787379 bytes)
Varian NMR Bruker / Varian NMR  Varian 300 NMR 51kb.JPG (51923 bytes)
Flow Cytometry: $Contact   Please email with your configuration required. Home - Top Of Page
BD Biosciences FACSCalibur  Becton Dickinson - Refurbished w/MAC & Software, 3 & 4 Coluor, Sort, AutoLoader, Complete, refurbished, installation available, annual service contracts Facscalibur.jpg (77589 bytes) Facscalibur9.JPG (325890 bytes)Facscaliburcomputer.JPG (322431 bytes) BDCalibur4ColSort.JPG (314242 bytes)Facscalibur.JPG (300987 bytes)
BD Biosciences FACSAria II, I Becton Dickinson - Complete, installation available, refurbished FACSAriafilters.jpg (50614 bytes)
BD Biosciences FACSCanto II, I Becton Dickinson - Complete, installation available, refurbished  BD FACSCanto II.jpg (476176 bytes)  
BD Biosciences FACSVantage Becton Dickinson - Complete, installation available, refurbished BD FACSVantage.JPG (132300 bytes)
BD Biosciences FACSVantage SE Becton Dickinson - Complete, installation available, refurbished FASCVantage SE.jpg (476553 bytes)
Beckman-Coulter Vi-Cell XR, AS, AGL, FC500-MPL, 
Hoods, Cabinets, Benches; Laminar Flow, Bio-Safety, Chemical Fume, Air   -  $Contact    Home - Top Of Page
Jamestown Chemical Fume Hood 8,6,4 foot Length, Please specify, stand, or walk in model Jamestown4walkin.JPG (41925 bytes) Jamestown 8 .JPG (44631 bytes) Jamestown8Walkin.JPG (54132 bytes)
NuAire Laminar Flow  6, 4 Foot Length, please specify, stand or bench NuaireNU201430.jpg (24669 bytes) 
NuAire BioSafety Hazard Hood 8, 6, 4 Foot Length, completely refurbished w/certificate, or various conditions NU425-300.jpg (69465 bytes)
Hamilton SafeAire Chemical Fume Hood Includes: Hood, 2 base cabinets, countertop Hamilton hood installed_edited.jpg (936958 bytes)
Baker SteriGARD, II, III BioSafety Hazard Hood 8, 6, 4 Foot Length, completely refurbished w/certificate, or various conditions IMG_4839.JPG (371149 bytes)
Baker EdgeGARD, II Laminar Flow Hood 4 and 6 foot available IMG_5509.JPG (49681 bytes) IMG_5508.JPG (58760 bytes)
Thermo Forma BioSafety Hood Various Lengths, Models & Conditions
AirClean  Model 600 & 700C, ,6 & 4 Foot
Labconco Protector Hood 6 Foot Chemical Hood Cat#: 728040010814 IMG_7129.JPG (687021 bytes) IMG_7127.JPG (664113 bytes) IMG_7125.JPG (668563 bytes)
Labconco Purifier Class II Hood 2, 4 and 6 Foot Length LabconcoPurifierClassII.JPG (317112 bytes) LabconcoPurifierClassII2.JPG (315785 bytes) LabconcoPurifierClassIIexhaust.JPG (307249 bytes) IMG_5606.JPG (135173 bytes) IMG_5620.JPG (184450 bytes)
Centrifuges:  $Contact Home - Top Of Page Cents2.JPG (328765 bytes)
Beckman-Coulter OptimaMAX Ultracentrifuge 130, 120, 90, 100K RPM Programmable Ultra Centrifuge, Completely Refurbished Optima-XL70.jpg (29424 bytes) beckmanL-100XP.jpg (54446 bytes)
Beckman-Coulter Ultracentrifuge 60+K Programmable Floor Ultra Centrifuge, Completely Refurbished BeckmanL8-70.jpg (20971 bytes)
Beckman-Coulter Optima TL & Optima TLX 100, 120, 130K  TableTop Centrifuge, Completely Refurbished & Rotors TLX-120.JPG (305849 bytes)
Beckman-Coulter Centrifuge Rotors  Available - Various Ultra Rotors SW 40Ti, 50.1, 65, Type 50.2, 70, 75, 90, NVT90, VTi, Elutriation, Continuous Flow Rotors.JPG (329736 bytes)  Rotors2.JPG (328031 bytes)
Beckman-Coulter High Speed Centrifuges 21K Various Floor Models - Avanti, B, M/E, M, M/I, B/P, etc. Series High Speed J2-21.jpg (5612 bytes)
Beckman-Coulter Low Speed, Large Volume  6K - Various Floor Models  - Avanti, B, M/E, M, M/I, etc. Series High Capacity BeckmanJ6.jpg (32332 bytes)
Beckman-Coulter Avanti Tabletop Tabletops 6, 15, 21 Models- Up to 2K Litres, Completely Refurbished Spincron-15.jpg (36745 bytes)
Beckman-Coulter GS-6R w/GS3.8 Rotor Tabletop - Up to 2K Litres, Completely Refurbished BeckmanGS-6R.jpg (10501 bytes)
Eppendorf CEPA LE Carl Padberg NBS CEPA LE Continuous Flow Model, Completely Refurbished CEPA LE 29Apl13-SAM1.jpg (735124 bytes) CEPA LE 29Apl13-SAM2.jpg (695245 bytes) CEPA LE 29Apl13-SAM4.jpg (748144 bytes) CEPA LE 29Apl13-SAM Bowl Coil.jpg (759942 bytes) IMG_3813.JPG (42797 bytes)
Eppendorf CEPA Z41, Z61, Z81, Z101 Carl Padberg CEPA  Continuous Flow Models, Completely Refurbished CEPA Z81.jpg (5131 bytes)
Hanil Science J0750, J1250 Continuous Flow Centrifuge - NEW ONLY
Thermo Kendro Sorvall 6K RPM Series High Capacity, RC-3B, RC-3C, RC-3C+, Completely Refurbished RC3B.jpg (5095 bytes)
Thermo Kendro Sorvall RC-5B 21K RPM Series Super Speed, RC-5B Completely Refurbished sorvall RC5B.jpg (12953 bytes)
Thermo Kendro Sorvall RC-5C 21K RPM Series Super Speed, RC-5C Completely Refurbished Sorvall RC-5C.jpg (16854 bytes)
Thermo Kendro Sorvall RC-3C Plus 6K RPM Series Super Speed, RC-3C Plus Completely Refurbished RC-3C Plus.jpg (44658 bytes)
Thermo Kendro Evolution 21K RPM Series Super Speed, Completely Refurbished SorvallEvolutionRC.JPG (315034 bytes)
Sorvall RC - High & Super Speed Various Rotors,  Rotors.JPG (329736 bytes) Sorvall.TV865 Rotor.JPG (65132 bytes) Sorvall.TYP TFT 6513 Rotor-7.JPG (59590 bytes) Sorvall.SA 600 Rotor-3.JPG (37317 bytes)
Thermo CytoSpin IV, III, II Shandon CytoSpin 4, 3, 2 Completely Refurbished with head IMG_1376.JPG (38200 bytes) IMG_1378.JPG (37046 bytes) IMG_1379.JPG (52602 bytes) ShandonCytoSpin3.JPG (295157 bytes)  Shannon Cytospin 3.jpg (81080 bytes)
Thermo Kendro RT Legend Tabletop w/rotor - Up to 2k Litres, Completely Refurbished Microtiter plate carriers KendroSorvallRT7.jpg (101504 bytes)
Liquid Scintillation - LS Counters:  Alpha, Beta, Gamma      Home - Top Of Page $Contact   
Wallac Victor II Model 1420-002, 1420-042, 1420-012 Dell Computer, LCD, Manuals, CD - Various Models Victor2System.JPG (318116 bytes) Wallac 1420-042 SAM.jpg (656132 bytes) Wallac 1420-012 SAM.jpg (490124 bytes) Wallac 1420-002 SAM.jpg (620678 bytes)
Perkin Elmer Victor 3 1420-012 Multilabel Counter  IMG_5847.JPG (128417 bytes) IMG_5848.JPG (171667 bytes) IMG_5852.JPG (197005 bytes)
Beckman-Coulter LS Counters - 6000, 6500, 5000TD Many models - ask for your configuration, service available BeckmanLS6500.jpg (63788 bytes) BeckmanLS6500screen.jpg (56614 bytes)
Clinical: Various   - $Contact                               Home - Top Of Page
Roche Cobas Blood Gas Analyser Model B221 System, complete and ready to use Cobas B221-1SAM.jpg (1324316 bytes)
Thermo Fisher Cytospin III, IV Shandon Cytospin 3, 4 Completely Refurbished IMG_1376.JPG (38200 bytes) IMG_1378.JPG (37046 bytes) ShandonCytoSpin3.JPG (295157 bytes) CytoSpin III4.JPG (1078784 bytes)
Beckman-Coulter Z1, Z2 Partical Counter, Single, Dual Threshold   Coulter Z1.JPG (314165 bytes)  
Beckman-Coulter AcT 10 AcT 10 IMG_5862.JPG (129202 bytes) IMG_5861.JPG (194471 bytes) IMG_5864.JPG (211739 bytes)
Beckman-Coulter FC500 MCL version FC500MPL.jpg (40983 bytes)
Becton-Dickinson Cytometer FACSCalibur, FACScan, Complete, refurbished, installation Facscalibur.JPG (300987 bytes) FACSCalibur-SAM.jpg (1709110 bytes)
Equipment Wanted: Items Requested By Fellow Colleagues - $Contact   
Agilent  HPLC 1100, 1200, GC 6890, 7890A, MS 6120, 6130, 6510 QToF
Amersham Biosciences AKTA OligoPilot, Pilot, Explorer 10, Explorer 100, Purifier 100, Biacore 3000, Biacore T-100, T-200
Luminex 200 Systems - Models by - Bio-Rad, Qiagen, Albany
BioRad PCR & RT-PCR Models
Beckman-Coulter MultiMek, NX, FX, Biomek FX dual arm, Optima centrifuges
Molecular Devices Plate Readers - All Models VersaMax, 190, 240, 384, M2, M5, XS, XPS
Life Technologies / ABI Systems   9700, 310, 3130, 3730xl, 7900, 7900HT, 3400, 394, 392, 433A, 7500, 7400, 7300, etc.
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