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bionet Engineering Fermentor's, BioReactor's, Tangential Flow Filtration System's. Complete line of NEW fermentor's ranging from 0.8 litre vessel for the laboratory to large scale production 20,000 Liter with CIP, SIP production scale configurations. Manufactured in Murcia, Spain. Not to be confused with bionet named products from other origins.

Discription: Fermentor or Fermenter Spelling. Fermentor = An Apparatus that maintains optimal conditions for the growth of Microorganisms, used in large-scale fermentation. Fermenter = An organism that causes fermentation.

Bioreactor and Fermentor are two words for basically the same thing. Scientists who cultivate bacteria, yeast, or fungi often use the term fermentor. The term bioreactor often relates to the cultivation of mammalian cells but is also generically used.

Scientific Asset Management, LLC and Advanced Biotech, LLC are the Exclusive Distributors for the complete line of bionet Engineering fermentor's, bioreactor's, TFF, CIP, SIP and Software.

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mRNA Vaccine
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Please call for free consultation to best fit the fermenter or TFF to your application needs. We offer sales and support for Canada and the USA. We look forward to working with you.
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bionet F1 Fermenter / BioReactor bionet F2-Pilot Fermenter / BioReactor bionet F3-Industrial Fermenter / BioReactor
F1 Lab: Advanced Autoclavable Fermenter / Fermentor Bioreactor 1, 3, 5, 8 and 10 Liter working volumes. Twin and Single versions available.
- This model includes three pumps up-gradable to four pumps(as shown in pictures). One or two vessels may be operated separately at the same time. The FCU unit is ideal for monitoring and control of two fermenters in parallel.
- Off Site Remote Control Monitoring of Real Time Status.
- NEW vessel motor design for quietest fermentor on todays marketplace.
- Available with five vessels (F1-1, F1-3, F1-5, F1-8 and F1-10) with working volumes from 1,up to 10 liters, respectively, and possibility to work with volumes between 700 mL and 10 Liter.
- All five are compatible with the same control unit (FCU) and agitator gearbox.
- Purchase one vessel now and add on the second vessel later.

Direct Link: https://bionet.com/technologies/lab-and-pilot/
F2-Pilot: Advanced Autoclavable Fermentor Bioreactor 15 or 30L. SIP.

- Models: Available in two models (F2-15 and F2-30) with working volumes of 15 and 30 liters, respectively, and possibility to work with volumes between 6 and 30 liters.
- Available in SIP or CIP cleaning.
- cGMP bioreactors and manufacturing under ASME-BPE standards available on demand. It includes CFR 21.11 version of ROSA+ SW.
- Off Site Remote Control Monitoring of Real Time Status.
* Direct Link: https://bionet.com/technologies/lab-and-pilot/
F3: 50 to 500 Pilot, Small Industrial Production, SIP Bioreactors/Fermentors.
- Models: Available in five models (F3-50, F3-100, F3-200, F3-300 and F3-500) with working volumes from 50 to 500 litres, and possibility to work with volumes between 30 and 500 litres.
- CIP and TFF capabilities.
- cGMP bioreactors and manufacturing under ASME-BPE standards available on demand. It includes CFR 21.11 version of ROSA+ SW.
- Off Site Remote Control Monitoring of Real Time Status.
* Direct Link: https://bionet.com/technology/f2-bioreactor/
Bionet CIP - Clean In Place Fermentor / BioReactors Units from Pilot to industrial scale bionet F0 Fermenter / BioReactor bionet Tangential Flow  - Cross Flow Filtration
Our CIP units are designed to work integrated with both bionet equipment or other manufacturer equipment and processes. With this equipment you will have the security and tranquility of a complete and traceable cleaning of all your systems, and you will be able to easily configure its operation against process changes or new requirements.
- Models to clean process vessels from 30 to 50,000 L of working volume, plus piping and ancillary equipment.

* Direct Link: https://bionet.com/technology/cips-cleaning-in-place/
F0-Baby: Advanced Autoclavable Fermenter Bioreactor.
- Available in working volumes from 1L up to 10 Liters working volumes.
- Control up to 3 vessels with the same tablet control unit with world class Rosita Software.
- Add up to 7 pumps total per vessel.
- Single Wall Glass - Heating Blanket, Cooling Finger
- Single Use Vessel - One time Quality purposed.
- Airlift vessel.
- Remote control Rosita Software for offsite Real-Time monitoring.
- F0-Baby webpage:

Tangential (Cross) Flow Filtration (TFF) is a widespread technology in industrial separation, clarification and concentration processes. TFF is also known as Cross Flow Filtration.

It works through separation of cells or molecules based on their size (molecular weight) with the use of a porous membrane working with a flow tangential to the separation surface (for more info see our technical note).

* Direct Link: https://bionet.com/technology/tangential-cross-flow-filtration/
bionet F1, Photobioreactor Flat Panel bionet M1 Tangential Flow Filtration - TFF Bionet Complete Bio Production Plants
The Flat Panel Photobioreactor (FPP) is normally used for Algae growth may be used for other photosynthetic micro-organism research. The geometry is optimized for an homogeneous light absorption (short light path), and they are agitated by the airlift principle, there is no mechanical stirring. And what make this product even better is that one may control them with the F1 FCU and the same Rosita Software that has become the industry standard. The researcher may even combine in a TWIN one of those Flat Panel PBR with a standard stirred bioreactor or an Airlift Bioreactor. The LED light sources are custom made in collaboration with Bionet for specific client application required intensities and wavelengths (colours).
- Off Site Remote Control Monitoring of Real Time Status.
- NEW Vessel motor for "Best In Industry" control & virtually no noise.
- Direct Link: https://bionet.com/technologies/lab-and-pilot/
Call or email today to discuss your needs further.

The bionet M1 TFF, Tangential Flow Filtration unit is a unique solution for all those seeking a compact system for concentration/purification of bio-products at lab scale through TFF.

The M1 allows you lab to work with 3 different membrane technologies: Ceramic, Hollow Fiber and Cassettes. From 1kD to 1.20um. Available from leading vendors such as Cytiva, GE HealthCare, bionet, TAMI Industries, Millipore, Repligen - SPECTRUM Labs, A-Tech Innovations and others.

- Customize your system from complete manual to fully automatic
- Very small volume batches for process development to small production batches.
- Impact of parameters (Cross-flow velocity, pressure and temperature)
- MF, NF, UF, RO are all options when configuring your system.
- Filtration support, instrumentation (PT, TT, FT) for data registration.
- Pump up to 600lph / 5 barg. Fully drainable CIP compatable design
- 5 Liter glass vessel (single wall) Stainless steel lid.

- Many, Many options for manual and automatic control.
- 5 or 10 Liter benchtop or 10 liter floor model.
- Manufactured in Spain. Distributed by S.A.M. to the USA and Canada.
- Call for your configuration and pricing.

Direct Link: https://bionet.com/technology/m1-labscale-tangential-flow-filtration-system/

At bionet we go beyond supplying stand-alone equipment, to provide our clients with real capacity to produce Bio-molecules at industrial scale. We build complete production suites with a complete scope from upstream to biomass/bio-molecules separation and purification. We envision projects as a whole and we have the expertise to provide a holistic solution by accompanying our industrial equipment with a range of related services.

* We create a solution that is adapted to a customer ́s industry, market and conditions needs we will provide. Customized process units in which bionet is a renowned specialist, as are Bioreactors and Tangential Flow Filtration systems

* Customized auxiliary needed to complete the key production units, as they are: CIPs, media preparation, harvest tank, inactivation systems, formulation tanks and others.

* Bioprocess Automation for individual units and complete plants

* Support for qualification and validation activities

* What makes bionet an unique partner to go industrial, and provide a complete bioprocess suite? We have the technology, the project management capabilities and a broad experience doing this job; having delivered production suites for the production of mAbs, Vaccines, APIs, Industrial Enzymes, Biopesticides and many others.

So, you will be collaborating with a company and a human team that loves and knows this job and is focus on building together with our customers a successful project.

Contact S.A.M. for further information.

+1-908-604-1417 or [email protected]

Fermentor TFF Referral Program - FTRP mRNA Pilot Plant Fermenter/Bioreactor by BIONET Cell-Tainer Fermentation Seeding, Rocking Platform

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bionet mRNA Pilot Plant Fermentor/Bioreactor.
Please watch the latest video link below.

Full Scale system manufactured to your requirements. S.A.M. is the exclusive North American Distributor for the complete line of bionet products. Please call with your next projects requirements. Please view the YouTube video for mRNA Fill Scale Vaccine System.

Cell-Tainer Fermentation Seeding, Rocking Platform. The CELL-tainer® 2L Discovery platform is a highly versatile toolset that allows multiple formats for your discovery program. The system allows individual pH and dissolved oxygen control for two bags; with both bags subject to highly accurate temperature control.

Any combination of two bags (of 1L or 2L) may be used or, alternatively a single 4L bag. Any combination of three gases may be used with its’ high-precision mass flow control.

The CELL-tainer® 2L Discovery device is ideal for laboratory work or to scale out of small volume applications.

Bionet M2 TFF - Tangential Flow Filtration
Tangential Flow Filtration unit is a unique solution for all those seeking a compact system for concentration/purification of bio-products at lab scale through TFF. The TFF system is able to work with different membrane technologies: Cassettes, Ceramic or Hollow Fiber.
The solution for those seeking a compact system for concentration/purification of bioproducts at both pilot and industrial scales. Capable of dealing with medium size batches, depending on product filterability.
- Manufactured in Spain. Serviced here in Canada and the USA.

Direct Link: https://bionet.com/technology/m2-tangential-flow-filtration-system/