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Microscoptics IV-900 Inverted Microscope (4x and LWD 10x)
Microscoptics IV-900 Inverted Microscope (4x and LWD 10x) - VWR

Microscoptics IV-900 Inverted Microscope - Plan 4X/0.10 (W.D. 17.34mm) objectives - Plan LWD 10X/0.25 (W.D. 7.9mm) objectives - Binocular tube with 10X eyepieces - Condenser with swing-out holder - 6V, 20W halogen illuminator - Ideal for tissue and cell culture applications - Built-in mechanical stage eliminates the need for special holders for petri dishes, plates, flasks, and chambers. - Swing-out condenser allows viewing of large flasks and bottles.

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Olympus Binocular Light, Compound Microscope With Travel Case, CH-2
Olympus Binocular Light Microscope With Travel Case, CH-2
Our Price: $650.00

Model: CHS / CH-2
Microscope Build with power supply Light Source.
1. Olympus objective A 4x power, 0.10 160/-  
2. Olympus objective A 10x power, 0.25 160/0.17  
3. Olympus objective A 40 x power, 0.65 160/0.17  
4. Olympus objective A 100x power, 1.30 Oil 160/0.17  
5. Olympus TWO EYEPIECES CWHK 10x/18L
6. Power Cord
- Mechanical Stage: Quick slide release ; Smooth X Y Z axis control
- Brand: Olympic CH2
- Coarse and Fine adjustment knobs: 2.5u increments
- Eye Pieces: Two CWHK 10x /18L, adjustable width
- Durable Construction: Heavy Duty Aluminum head, frame, and base
- Objectives: 4x, 10x ,40x 100x (spring mounted)
- Light Control: Condenser iris , and base control knob
- Light Source: 30 Watt Bulb, Lamp 6V2W
- Total Magnification: 40x , 100x , and 400x
The CH2 Series Model CHT is suitable for most applications in transmitted light microscopy. In designing this particular microscope special care was taken to provide fatigue-free operation through long periods of use and easy rapid change of specimens. The stand is of modern square design and is extremely solid, durable and stable. All controls are ergonomically positioned to provide maximum ease of operation.
Motic BA400 Stereo Microscope With Micropublisher 5.0 rtv Camera
Motic BA400 Stereo Microscope With Micropublisher 5.0 rtv Camera
Our Price: $1,700.00

Motic BA400 Binocular Microscope with Micropublisher 5.0 rtv Camera

Objectives: 10x0.25, 40x0.75, 100x1.30 oil

Stage Dimensions: 6.8" x 5.7"

Color Corrected Infinity Optical System

Reverse Quintuple Nosepiece

Lamp: 6V-30W

Input: 90-240V 38W

50-60 Hz

Fuse: 250V T2.5A

Nikon SMZ1500 Sterioscopic Zoom Microscope
Our Price: $9,599.00

The SMZ1500 is one of Nikon's most advanced stereomicroscopes, designed with life scientists in mind. It covers a zoom range from 0.75x to 11.25x, and offers sophisticated accessories that rival that of advanced compound microscopes. This allows the scientist to see and photograph any specimen, from macro views to high-magnification micro visualization.
  • P-Berg Tilting Bionocular Eyepiece Tubes
  • C-W10xA/22 Eyepieces
  • Plan Apo 1.6x WD24
  • Camera
  • Ni-150 High Intensity Illuminator
Being offered as seen in pictures. No additional cables, etc.
SmartScope Zip Lite 250, Scientific Asset Management
SmartScope Zip Lite 250
Our Price: $17,500.00
Sale Price: $13,750.00
Savings: $3,750.00

Optical Gaging Products SmartScope ZIP Lite 250

Specialized video and multisensor metrology system.
XYZ Stage Travels:250 x 150 x 150 mm
300 x 150 x 150 mm
Area Accuracy:up to (2.0 + 6L/1000) µm
Z Accuracy:up to (2.5 + 5L/1000) µm

Manufactured Date April 2012
Serial Number: SKL2502189
100-120 Volt
Please check out OPG SmartScope Zip Lite 250 web page for full details.