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Buchi Rotavapor R-200 & Heating Bath B-490
Buchi Rotavapor R-200 & Heating Bath B-490

- Buchi Rotavapor R-200
- SN: 0400025727
- Heating Bath B-490
- SN: 0400028538
- 2 Extra Round Flasks
- 2 Unique Power Cords
- 2 Clamps
Buchi RotaVap R-205, B-490 Bath
Buchi RotaVapor R-205 with Bath

Buchi RotaVapor Rotary Evaporator Model R-205

  • R-205 RotaVapor
  • B-490 Bath
  • Vessels, as shown in pictures
  • Cables
Buchi B-210 RotaVap with B491 Bath
Buchi R-210 Digital Rotavapor Evaporator with B-491 Bath

Buchi R-210 Rotavapor Digital Evaporator

  • B-491 Bath
  • Cold Trap
  • Insert and Cap
  • Power Cable
Eyela Aspirator Vacuum Pump Model A1000S Rotary & Flash Evaporator
Eyela Aspirator Vacuum Pump Model A1000S Rotary & Flash Evaporator
Our Price: $350.00

Manufacturer Notes:
Model A1000S
- Applications: Rotary and flash evaporator, vacuum filtration, vapour removal,
vacuum desiccation
- Exhaust System: Pressurized circulation system by tap aspirator
- Max. exhaust speed : 16 L/min (50Hz)
- Tank capacity: 10 L
- Ambient temperature range: 5 – 35ºC

Sold as seen in pictures.

Works Great. Ready To Use.
Jeio Tech Electrical Aspirator Pump Model VE-11
Jeio Tech Electrical Aspirator Pump Model VE-11
Our Price: $450.00

Jeio Tech Electrical Aspirator Pump Model VE-11

Description/Manufacturer Notes:

VE-11 Aspirator Pump, 120V / 60Hz

Electrical Aspirator Pump

  • Portable dual-channel water-jet aspirator pumps - Creating a vacuum by means of venturi effect, aspirator pumps are suitable for rotary vacuum evaporation, decompression distillation, vacuum drying, and vacuum filtering.
  • Built-in circulating pump and water tank make the unit portable.
  • Circulating pump continuously pumps water quietly across a set of aspirators, and is therefore clean and efficient.
  • Built-in check valve prevents backflow of water into the aspirator pump.
  • Corrosion-resistant construction of all wetted parts with 304 stainless steel, polypropylene, silicone, or nickel-coated brass.
  • Water tank features a drain port and a spigot for easy changing of water.
Bath volume (L / cu ft)9.5 / 0.3
Max. vacuum (Mpa / mmHg)0.0906 / 680
Free-air capacity18L / minute (0.6 cfm) x2ea
Material (bath / aspirator)Polypropylene / Nickel-coated brass x 2ea
Bath interior (WxL , D) (mm / inch)298x210, 227 / 11.7x8.3 ,8.9
Exterior (WxLxH) (mm / inch)330x265x390 / 13x10.4x15.4
Inhale nozzleExternal Ø9.5mm (0.4") x2ea
Drain cook, Over flow nozzle (Ø, mm / inch)17 / 0.7
Net weight (kg / lbs)5.7 / 12.6
Electrical requirements120V, 60Hz / 1.4A

Sold as seen in pictures. Ready to use.
Heildoph Hei-VAP Precision
Heildolph Hei-VAP Precission Rotory Evaporator
Our Price: $13,500.00
Sale Price: $4,500.00
Savings: $9,000.00

The Heildoph Precision Basis Hei-VAP ML provides you with the maximum range of parameters, including but not limited to, reproducible applications and fully automated processes. Even solutions with different boiling points can be identified and distilled.
  • Basis Hei-VAP ML main unit, S/N: 091210906
  • Hei-VAP Controller
  • Bath, Guard Shield
  • Cables
  • Glassware
  • Woulff Bottle
  • As Shown in Pictures