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Fermentor, BioReactor, Tangential Flow Filtration from benchtop to full scale production plants

Discription: Fermentor or Fermenter Spelling. Fermentor = An Apparatus that maintains optimal conditions for the growth of Microorganisms, used in large-scale fermentation. Fermenter = An organism that causes fermentation.

Bioreactor and Fermentor are two words for basically the same thing. Scientists who cultivate bacteria, yeast, or fungi often use the term fermentor. The term bioreactor often relates to the cultivation of mammalian cells but is also generically used.
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Bioflo 310 Fermentor, Eppendorf, New Brunswick Scientific
BioFlo 310 Fermentor, Eppendorf, New Brunswick Scientific

Bioflo 310 Fermentor by Eppendorf, New Brunswick Scientific is a personal fermentor start up laboratory work. more info
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Eppendorf NBS Bioflo 6000 Fermentor - 130 Liter
Eppendorf - NBS BioFlo 6000 Fermentor

New Brunswick Scientific 130 Liter Fermentor now manufactured by Eppendorf.

System was previously used and set up with marine blades for Mammalian Expression.
S.A.M. offers transportation logistics and third party service options for buyer.

Includes as seen in pictures with SIP capabilities. Full service and installation available.
Please call.
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mRNA Pilot Plant Fermenter/Bioreactor by BIONET
mRNA Pilot Plant Fermentor/Bioreactor by bionet

bionet mRNA Pilot Plant Fermentor/Bioreactor.
Please watch the latest video link below.

Full Scale system manufactured to your requirements. S.A.M. is the exclusive North American Distributor for the complete line of bionet products. Please call with your next projects requirements. Please view the YouTube video for mRNA Fill Scale Vaccine System.

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Cell-Tainer Fermentation Seeding, Rocking Platform
Cell-Tainer Discovery

Cell-Tainer Fermentation Seeding, Rocking Platform. The CELL-tainer® 2L Discovery platform is a highly versatile toolset that allows multiple formats for your discovery program. The system allows individual pH and dissolved oxygen control for two bags; with both bags subject to highly accurate temperature control.

Any combination of two bags (of 1L or 2L) may be used or, alternatively a single 4L bag. Any combination of three gases may be used with its’ high-precision mass flow control.

The CELL-tainer® 2L Discovery device is ideal for laboratory work or to scale out of small volume applications.

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Millipore Labscale TFF Tangential Flow Filtration System Power Core
Millipore Labscale TFF Tangential Flow Filtration System Power Core
Our Price: $250.00

  • PN: 29751
  • SN: P1DN6164011
  • Manual Included
  • Never Been Tested. Sold as parts unit.
  • No Power Cord
  • Sold as seen in pictures
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