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Bioflo 310 Fermentor, Eppendorf, New Brunswick Scientific Shimadzu LC-2010C HT HPLC System Baker Advance SteriGUARD III SG603A-HE NEC 6' Biological Safety Cabinet
Bioflo 310 Fermentor by Eppendorf, New Brunswick Scientific is a personal fermentor start up laboratory work. Shimadzu LC-2010C HT HPLC System
Part Number: 228-37001-32
Serial Number: C21254103358LP
ELSD NOT INCLUDED as in picture.
Powers up and works to manufacture specifications.
Sold "As-Is"* For $4950
Additional Costs Will Be Added For Fully Refurbished with NEW filters**
Pre-Installation Certificate***.
- Model: SG603M Necropsy Advance SterilGUARD III SG603A-HE NEC 6' Biological Animal Transfer Station Safety Cabinet w/ Ergonomical or standard stand.
- Weight: 990 lbs.
- Dimensions: 77W x 30L x 58H
- Ergonomic Stand
- Stainless Steel Sink
- Internal Dimensions: 69"L x 18"D x 27-1/2"H
- 120 Volt standard plug
Includes: Fluorescent light, one Gas Petcock on right; a second plugged pass through on right; and two on the left One Duplex electrical outlet on one side; one GFI Duplex on the other. Ultraviolet Lighting / Germicidal or UV-C lighting additional****
* Purchased "As-Is" has no filters, no pre-installation certificate, no refurbishment.
** Fully Refurbished includes New Filters, Fully Reconditioned. (Add $1,300.00)
*** Pre-Installation Certificate. (Add $150.00)
**** UV-C light (Add $ Call)
Perkin Elmer Lambda 35 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer Lab Crafters Chemical Fume Hood - 6 Foot Beckman-Coulter Sievers TOC 800 Portable Total Organic Carbon Analyzer
Perkin Elmer Lambda Model 35 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer
  • UV/Vis - Ultra-Violet/Visible
  • Dual Beam
  • Serial Number: 101N4062009
  • Auto 8 Sampler Carousel
  • UV Winlab V.2.85 Software Loaded on HP Computer or copied onto CD
  • Oligonucleotide Calulator
  • KinLab
  • HP Compac Computer with Windows XP Professional
  • Cables
Additional Pictures available upon request.
Chemical Fume Hood by Air Sentry
- Fully Reconditioned
- Lab Crafters Air Sentry 6 foot benchtop
- Base Cabinets
- Sliding Sash
- Multiple extras.


Sievers TOC800 Portable Total Organic Carbon Analyzer
Sievers AS800 Automatic Sampler Model SHLR
Computer, DataPro Autosampler Software-Version 02.04 PAS, Monitor and keyboard

GE Healthcare AKTA Trade-In Shimadzu AA-7000G Atomic Apsorption Spectrophotometer AKTA Explorer 100 FPLC

AKTA Explorer 10 for trade-in with GE Healthcare.

This is the perfect AKTA to trade-in for your new AKTA.

The top two modules work but the pump needs service.

NOT included as shown in picture is the FRAC-950, or the computer. May be added if needed.

We can ship to your address or dircectly to GE Healthcare with your PROMO Trade-In Code.

Please call for further assistance.

Shimadzu AA-7000G Atomic Apsorption System
Asset is in excellent condition and includes the following:
  • AA-7000G Graphite Furnace Atomizer Model (120 Volt)
  • Optical Double Beam
  • AA-7000 Serial Number: A30674700012
  • 185.0 to 900.0 nm Wavelength range
  • GFA-7000 Grafite Furnace, Ambient to 3,000 Degree Celcius, (230 Volt)
  • GFA Serial number: A30704700639
  • ASC-7000 Autosampler for Ultra-Low level analysis, up to 20 sample concentration
  • ASC-7000 Autosampler Serial Number: A30604800800
  • Miscelanious lamps: As, Arsenic, Cd, Cadmium, Cr, Chromium, Cu, Copper, Fe, Iron, Pb, Lead,
  • Cables: USB, Serial, 110v,
  • Manuals, WizAArd Software version 5.00
  • Regulator, Argon or Nitrogen, CGA-580
  • Computer not included. May be purchased through SAM for additional cost.
GE HealthCare / Amersham Pharmacia Biotech AKTA Explorer 10 FPLC

Please contact for additional information or pictures.

Today's Super Deal!

Bionet ROSA + Software
Bionet ROSA + Software

The advanced control software R.O.S.A.+ (Research Oriented Software Application) is a powerful tool that incorporates all the functions necessary for integrated fermentation process control and posterior data analysis and management.

All BIONET units can be integrated into this control software making your processes more simple and reproducible.

This software offers the possibility to directly download data through USB ports plus the ability to monitor your process remotely via LAN and VPN Connections,

pdf Brochure:

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Sale Price: $149.50 BenchRest, the first ergonomic armrest for the laboratory.